Things to do in the environment of Balaguer, Noguera and Lleida

Nature and Landscape

To contemplate their sites and their fantastic beauty.

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With an area of 1,733 square kilometers, a population of over 35,000 inhabitants and 30 municipalities, La Noguera is one of the largest regions of Catalonia and Balaguer is the capital of region.

History and Heritage

To remember the remains of an eventful history.

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The strategic location of the city of Balaguer and its territory, as Prepirineo door and dominating over the river Segre, is the reason that from prehistoric era, the man has installed their camps and villages.

Emotions and Adventure

To enjoy the sky, water, traditions and nature.

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Landscapes ideal for hikers who want to enjoy a harsh nature, but exceptionally beautiful. Paradise for adventure sports like hang-gliding and paragliding. And the old customs and traditions come together around Balaguer and Noguera.

The Segre gold

In the search of Mariam's dream

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Put yourself in the place of real gold prospectors and relieve the history of the search for gold in the river Segre. Immerse yourself in the city of Balaguer, which for centuries was an Andalusian border town; a city of thousand and one nights where Mariam saw gold glitter every day in the calm waters of the Segre.

Medieval flavours

Saint James's way in Lleida

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Travel to medieval Lleida, recalling some of the landscapes and places that pilgrims discovered when they stopped in the city on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Discover medieval customs and legends in a journey into the past, when Lleida was landmark and a leading city in the Crown of Aragon. End your pilgrimage with a meal inspired by dishes from medieval cuisine!


Fuimos a Andorra, decidamos parar en Balagué para dos noches, ya habíamos reservado este hotel, ya que es un hotel muy céntrico de Balaguer, al lado mismo del rio Segre. Ya al llegar la atención fue muy buena y no sentimos como en casa, muy familiar...

nora p (Madrid, España)
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